Radikal Queen operates on a global platform, with groups from Central and West Africa, North and South America, the United Kingdom and Europe. She is a seasoned solo artist, who also thrives in collaboration with artists from diverse creative disciplines and a variety of of musical genres.

Radikal Queen is currently working on her studio album, ‘I Just Detangled My Afro’, set for summer release. The first single, Eve’s Alibi is available on all streaming platforms.

Radikal Queen projects


Radikal Queen has worked with massive street puppet theatre festivals, Carnivals, and with smaller creative workshops designed to encourage marginalised people to show their Voice. She has performed poetry with children in rural communities and specialises in producing touring productions for children who face extremely challenging personal circumstances. She has used forum theatre to effect socio-political change, and as an Indigenous person whose Elders gave her an ambassadorial brief, she has developed sustained cultural links with other Indigenous communities all over the planet.

Radikal Queen is currently working to collaborate with artists located anywhere on the globe, in order to develop exciting new forms of creative communication for the purposes of unity and empowerment.